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What you missed Monday on Aaron Torres Online - Urban Meyer apology + Mike Tyson vs. Logan Paul?

It's October. Fall is in the air. The MLB Playoffs are about to start. Football is well under way. And there is a TON going on in sports. Here is everything you might have missed on Monday on Aaron Torres Online.

* First, we all knew it was coming: A fake, half-hearted apology from Urban Meyer. Here's the video, and yeah, it's as pathetic as expected. Also, why you gotta throw Trevor Lawrence under the bus like that?

* In the college game, the bowl picture is absolute insanity. Here is the updated bowl picture, with a bunch of new teams - including Kentucky, BYU and NC State - potentially in New Year's Six game. Also, who's going to get the fourth spot in the playoff?

* Speaking of college football - here are your Week 6 point spreads. My oh my. We have ANOTHER loaded weekend this Saturday.

* While we're on the subject, we had not one, but two new podcasts drop on Monday. The first, a new "College Football Betting" with Aaron Torres - looking ahead to those Week 6 lines. Also, FCS Fever is back - as Jeff Culhane recaps a busy Week 5 on the lower levels.

And finally, did you see that Mike Tyson wants to fight Logan Paul? And thinks it would bring in record revenue.

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