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Mike Tyson shares how much he thinks he could make fighting Logan Paul (hint: its A LOT of money)

They say that we're in the middle of a boxing renaissance.

But to be honest, I'm not sure we're in the middle of a boxing renaissance, as much as we have two extremely famous internet celebrities - Logan Paul and Jake Paul - who have simply taken up boxing, brought attention to the sport, and brought their tens of millions of followers (on all platforms) with them.

If you want to call it a "renaissance" sure. It seems more like two dudes simply taking up interest in the sport, and bringing their fans with them when they fight.

Still, right now the money in boxing is fighting Jake or Logan (you take your pick) as Floyd Mayweather taught us, as Floyd cleared $40 million for his fight with Logan a few months back.

Well now another boxing icon wants his shot, and believes he bring in twice that much.

That'd be Mike Tyson, who on his "Hot Boxin" Podcast was asked about potentially fighting one of the two, and believes he could bring in close to $100 million.

Here is the clip:

Considering that Floyd brought in less than half that, it's hard to imagine Mike Tyson clearing nine figures in a pay-per-view bout with the elder Paul, but at the end of the day, you never know. Say what you want about the Paul brothers, but they deliver. And whether any of us care to admit it or not, we'd all pay to see how either one (though it sounds like Logan) would hold up in the ring against Tyson.

Ultimately we'll see if it ever happens.

But as mentioned above, if it does, we all know we'll be watching.

You can watch the full episode of "Hot Boxin'" below

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