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We have Urban Meyer's apology video - and it's as pathetic as you'd expect

Take out Brady vs. Belichick and it was the story of the college football weekend: It was Urban Meyer getting frisky with some young lady, that was definitely not his wife, at a bar in Ohio.

The video surfaced late Saturday, as Meyer appeared to stay in town following the Jaguars loss to Cincinnati on Thursday Night.

If you somehow missed it, here it is below.

Well on Monday, Meyer had his normal media availability and for the first time addressed the video.

As you can imagine, he really didn't say all that much.

First off, in some ways, we should probably give Meyer a little credit. I mean, let's be honest: Who among us actually expected him to utter the words "I'm sorry.?" I think we all just kind of assumed that he'd brush it off, pretend it never happened or claim that it wasn't him.

Ultimately however, I also don't think we should be shocked by the apology itself either. While he was a brilliant college coach, self-reflection and awareness aren't Meyer's strong suits, and this apology feels more like "sorry I forgot to take the trash out last night, honey" than it does for what he actually did.

Regardless, we got the apology video and it's about what we all expected.

On a much, much lighter note, the Urban Meyer memes are still up on social media.

And they are... INCREDIBLE.

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