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Day 4 of Urban Meyer watch: Owner reprimands him, report says team has essentially quit on him

It is the story that America just can't seem to get enough of: Urban Meyer's dalliance at an Ohio area bar over the weekend.

Still, the story continues to take on more legs, as the week has gone on.

First off, we saw Meyer's, whatever-the-opposite-of-heartfelt apology was, and you knew that at some point, Jaguars ownership was going to have to speak up.

To be clear, the idea that he should be fired for his late night bar hopping is idiotic.

But at the same time, when you're the head coach, and you skip the team plane home to "hang with your grandchildren," only to end up at a bar with a woman that is basically young enough to be your grand child, you knew that some sort of public reprimand was coming.

It did on Tuesday, with Shad Khan releasing the following statement.

So that settles that, then.

No, Meyer ain't getting fired for this. But he needs to clean up his act in a hurry.

Of course if Meyer isn't getting fired for dirty dancing Havana nights at the bar, then he might just get fired because his team stinks.

And the bigger question - the real one that should be being asked right now - is how the heck does he regain trust and authority in the locker room. After all, the coach is supposed to be the guy setting the example in the locker room. And he literally did the exact opposite - out, drinking, dalliance with a younger lady, all caught on camera. Basically, what Urban Meyer did was the opposite of everything he was likely preaching to his team the last six months.

Well, as you can anticipate, the move has not gone over well in the locker room, with Mike Silver sharing some details.

At this point, there really isn't much else to say, other than that this feels like a ticking timebomb.

Again, to be clear, Urban Meyer, nor should he get fired for being a creep.

But it's that he isn't handling the losing well, was never built for the three to four year long haul of this rebuild, and now his team has seemingly turned on him. Add in the pending family troubles that he's probably in the midst of, and - barring something shocking on the field - this has all the making of a quiet resignation sometime in the next few months.

Urban Meyer is an all-time college coach. And he may end up back there someday.

But one thing is clear: The NFL is a LOT different than college.

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