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Torres Pod: What are the next BIG MOVES for Kentucky and Arkansas, portal GOES WILD + Jontay Porter/NBA gambling saga and other news

On today's show Torres discusses the next big moves for both Kentucky and Arkansas, in terms of recruiting, coaching, staff, portal and more. He shares some important portal updates as major players enter, and wraps on two non-college hoops notes: The crazy Jontay Porter gambling saga and Cormani McClain's sad departures from Colorado.

What's next for Arkansas and Kentucky (2:00): Torres opens the show by talking about the two most fascinating programs in college hoops right now - Arkansas and Kentucky. Both have just one player committed - so who is next? We talk, updates on staff, recruiting, portal and more for Arkansas and Kentucky (19:00)

Portal updates (41:00): From there, Torres talks about a crazy few days in the portal. Duke starting point guard Jeremy Roach is in, and Torres has a big update on Saint Mary's star Aidan Mahaney. Plus, UConn gets its first big commit.

Some non college hoops news and notes (53:30): Finally, Torres wraps by discussing two mega stories outside of college hoops, as Jontay Porter has been banned from the NBA for life - a move Torres supports. Also, the sad ending to the Cormani McClain era at Colorado - and why Torres supports Deion Sanders on this one.

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