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What you missed yesterday: SEC schedules are out, all-time brawl at SoFi Stadium

It's Wednesday, and here's everything you missed on Aaron Torres Online on Tuesday:

* In college football, the SEC released its 2022 schedules on Tuesday night. We have full schedules for each team, with a few signature games including Alabama at Texas, Oregon vs. Georgia and more.

* Speaking of the SEC, Alabama-Florida delivered MONSTER ratings last Saturday. The full details, and how it compares to other big games are here.

* In the NFL - our fantasy insider asks the simple question: With Tyrod Taylor out, is it time to take a chance on Deshaun Watson?

* Oh, and while we're on the subject of pro football - did you see the brawl outside of SoFi Stadium on Sunday? You know, the one that spilled all the way into the man made lake?

And finally, we have ALL-TIME video of a Wal-Mart employee quitting over loudspeaker - in the process, calling her boss a pervert and letting all the shoppers know how awful a place it is to work.

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