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ALL-TIME video: Wal-Mart employee quits over loudspeaker, calls her manager a pervert in the process

There are moments in time that we will all cherish forever:

Our wedding day.

The day our first child is born.

And the moment we watched Beth in Louisiana quit her job at Wal-Mart over loudspeaker, calling her boss a pervert, telling every shopper in the store how poorly employees are treated, and basically saying "F*ck management" in the process.

Oh, it's real and it's spectacular and the video is going crazy viral, as Beth is basically this generation's "dude from Half Baked," with an all-time rant as she got set to quit a job she clearly hated.

Here ya go:

First off, if you watch the video closely, you can see her take a couple deep breaths, a pretty clear indication that not only is this video real, but that she knows things are about to get crazy in a hurry.

Oh, and it did get real.

Put simply, the video is incredible.

Can't decide what I like more: Calling her boss a pervert, or the end when she basically drops the "f**k management, I quit."

Either way, shout out to Beth for entertaining us on a random Tuesday here in September.

Oh, by the way, this story has a happy ending, as apparently Beth has become an internet celebrity and is now doing media rounds.

In these uncertain times, Beth is the hero we all need

Oh, and for the younger readers who don't remember "Half Baked," well, the clip referenced is below. Find it on Hulu, NetFlix or wherever the hell it's showing now. It's well worth the couple hours of your time.


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