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What you missed this weekend: Belichick doesn't want to talk Brady, Urban Meyer memes, crazy CFB Sat

It was a wild weekend in sports, and to get you caught up, here is everything you missed:

* Brady returned to New England - you know that. But did you see two different reporters try to ask Bill Belichick about it - with the second one getting turned down... BAD.

* Besides Brady and Belichick the big story in the NFL was Urban Meyer. By now you've seen the video - but you've got to check out the memes. They're incredible

* In the college game, well, it was the craziest Saturday we've had in some time - with six Top 15 teams falling. On top of that, just how hot is Coach O's hot seat, oh and it's time to fully appreciate what Mark Stoops has done at Kentucky.

Finally - did you hear about Aaron Torres Media's team specific accounts - if you're a Kentucky fan, make sure to follow TorresOnUK, if Bama is your squad, follow TorresOnBama, and if you love Arkansas, TorresOnTheHogs

Also, on today's Aaron Torres Podcast, Aaron discusses Georgia vs. Bama and who's No. 1, Coach O's hot seat, Cincy's playoff run, appreciating Mark Stoops, oh and is Michigan actually good?

Download or listen here

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