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We have updated title odds after Week 1 of the college football season

Week 1 of the college football season is just about in the books, with only Ole Miss-Louisville remaining. And on Monday, following a wild weekend of college football, we got updated national title odds.

The odds are via DraftKings Sportsbook and here are how they currently stand:

Alabama (+210)

Georgia (+380)

Ohio State (+500)

Clemson (+700)

Oklahoma (+800)

Texas A&M (+3000)

Florida (+4000)

Iowa State (+4000)

Notre Dame (+4000)

Penn State (+5000)

USC (+5000)

Oregon (+6000)

Texas (+6000)

LSU (+7500)

Cincinnati (+7500)

UCLA (+8000)

Michigan (+8000)

Ultimately there are no huge shockers on this list, but some interesting numbers none the less.

First, Georgia moves into the clear second poll position behind Alabama on this list, which isn't surprising considering given their domination of Clemson on Saturday night. It's also not surprising when you consider that they have a manageable regular season schedule from here on out, where they don't play Alabama, Texas A&M or LSU during the regular season.

Speaking of that game against Clemson, there is the flip side: It's interesting that the Tigers really didn't fall that far following their loss to the Dawgs. It seems pretty clear that the oddsmakers think the Tigers will have no problem rolling through the ACC and back into the playoff.

From there, the odds get a bit murky, but it's interesting to see Penn State (50-1) and Texas (60-1) shoot up after impressive Week 1 wins.

The fact that LSU (75-1) still has slightly better odds than the team they just beat Saturday UCLA (80-1) probably shows just how strong the SEC is. The Tigers will have plenty of time to rally. Even if there was nothing Saturday that indicated they will.

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