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Torres Pod: Tim Tebow joins the show! Plus, Arkansas vs. A&M "Good vs. Evil" + Emoni Bates sad fall

On today's show, Aaron asks if it's "good vs. evil" when Arkansas plays Texas A&M, and explains why Sam Pittman and the Hogs might be the most likeable team in the sport. Then, Aaron talks about Emoni Bates getting arrested and what is his future in basketball? Finally, the LEGEND, Tim Tebow joins the show to talk the 2022 season, his Florida days, Urban Meyer and work he's doing with AllState!

Is Arkansas vs. Texas A&M a battle of "Good vs. Evil" (4:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing Saturday's Southwest Classic between Texas A&M and Arkansas, and wonders if the battle between college football's most likeable team and coach (Arkansas and Sam Pittman) and the least liked team and coach in Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M. Aaron explains why Sam Pittman is the "Steph Curry of college football" and also why he doesn't understand the hate for Jimbo Fisher.

The sad fall of Emoni Bates (20:00): Next up, Aaron discusses the sad fall of Emoni Bates, the former "can't miss" prospect, who was arrested on Sunday for gun charges. What becomes of a player who was compared to LeBron and Kevin Durant out of high school, and who is to blame for his downfall? Aaron has some thoughts

Tim Tebow joins the show (32:00): Finally, Aaron wraps by welcoming an iconic guest - Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. The guys talk about the 2022 college football season, Tim's time at Florida and his relationship with Urban Meyer - does he believe that Urban Meyer will ever coach again? Also, Tim's work with AllState, honoring the best players on, and off the field in college football.

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