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Torres Pod: NFL Draft reaction, boosters gone wild at Miami, Antonio Reeves + "Aaron Right/Wrong"

We have a loaded show as Aaron reacts to the NFL Draft, gives his winners and losers and explains why the AJ Brown trade is a sea change moment in the NFL. He discusses a wild story of boosters gone wild and NIL gone bad at Miami, discusses Antonio Reeves commit to Kentucky and plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" NFL Draft edition:

AJ Brown trade + other NFL Draft reaction (2:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing the NFL Draft, starting with the AJ Brown trade. He explains why it's a sea change moment for wide receivers and NFL teams. He also discusses why he believes the Jets and Lions - yes, Jets and Lions - were the big winners of the draft, and also, why he was dead right on the Packers.

Boosters gone wild at Miami, Antonio Reeves + Patrick Baldwin: Next up Aaron hits college hoops, where there was a crazy story of a Miami player vs. booster in the NIL wars. Aaron explains why the booster has no one to blame but himself, why it was easy to see this coming and why you never make an NIL deal public. Also, he rips through other portal news and notes, including Antonio Reeves to Kentucky and Patrick Baldwin Jr. hitting the portal

Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong NFL Draft edition: Finally, he plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" NFL Draft edition - hitting on some of his best and worst NFL Draft takes through the years, including Mac Jones, Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase, Kyler Murray and more

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