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Torres Pod: Deshaun Watson, who could potentially replace John Calipari + Jon Scheyer makes moves

On today's show, Aaron discusses the Deshaun Watson mess and what the NFL could do, a potential list of replacements for John Calipari at Kentucky, and historic (and game-changing) move for new Duke head coach Jon Scheyer. Here is a full rundown of today's show:

The Deshaun Watson mess - and what the NFL should do (2:30): Aaron opens the show by discussing the Deshaun Watson mess, as a new accuser and a scathing New York Times report cast new light on this wild story. Will the NFL force Watson to miss more time as new information keeps coming out.

Who could potentially replace John Calipari at Kentucky? (14:00): Next up, Aaron hits on the topic that everyone has asked him all off-season: Who could potentially replace John Calipari at Kentucky. After The Athletic (shout out Kyle Tucker!) put out its list, Aaron shares who he believes is realistic, and who isn't.

Jon Scheyer continues to make huge moves (39:00): Finally, Aaron discusses the move that new Duke coach Jon Scheyer has hired a "general manager" to handle NIL for his program. What does it mean? How it will only help recruiting. Also, why Scheyer has done an incredible job adjusting to the new landscape of college sports so far.

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