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Quick reaction: What is Georgetown getting in Ed Cooley - a coach's perspective

Jamion Christian is a former Division I head coach at Mount Saint Mary's, Siena and George Washington - who has joined Aaron Torres Media for the remainder of the season as a hoops analyst.

In addition to appearing on the "Aaron Torres Podcast" and "College Hoops Daily," Jamion is also tackling some writing from a coach's perspective.

Today - he begins his look at some of the new head coaches in college hoops - what will Georgetown get in Ed Cooley?


Ed Cooley is the perfect man for Georgetown at the perfect time for his arrival. I lived in DC college hoops for three seasons. It requires a big personality, a relentless figure who doesn't take “no” for an answer. Ed Cooley is exactly that: secure in who he is as a leader and the person Georgetown fans should be excited about.

This season, I observed coaches from an interesting perspective. Instead of an opponent or an adversary, I got to be a fan. With more mental space to watch and enjoy, I could see what the very best were doing. If you asked me who among my peers was truly impressive, Ed Cooley immediately comes to mind.

What Georgetown is getting with Ed Cooley besides a proven WINNER AND LEADER:

Someone who fights to keep his team in the game.

Anyone can call timeout when the opposing team is on a run. But you would be surprised at how many coaches just lay down and take a beating without making a meaningful adjustment. Ed’s relentlessness to change defenses or lineups in the face of adversity was simply astonishing. No fear!

Someone who has panache for the moment:

He recognizes not only when his team needs him but when the crowd needs him. So many times this season, I watched him ignite a scoring or defensive run just by getting the energy right in the building. It is a true mastery to know and to feel when everyone in the building needs you to rally them. His ability to do this will enhance the experience for all who watch Georgetown play throughout his tenure. Providence will severely miss this component.

Someone who will know what his guys need and when they need it:

If you want to know about a team, watch how they interact with their head coach when things are going great and when things are going badly. The true skill of a coach is knowing what buttons to push and when to push them. Sometimes when it's going great you can let it ride; other times, they may need a stern reminder to stay focused. Sometimes when it's going badly, instead of jumping them, they need an encouraging message about consistency. Whatever was needed by Providence, Ed Cooley knew it, and delivered it flawlessly.

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