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Louisville's recruiting success, Shaedon Sharpe's draft stock falling? Draft preview with Zac Krull

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

On today's show, Aaron talks about Louisville football's sudden success in recruiting (and whether they'll be covered the same as Texas A&M). Also, he discusses whether Shaedon Sharpe's draft stock is tumbling after a couple of bizarre interviews. Finally, an NBA Draft deep dive with college hoops writer and friend of the show Zac Krull.

Louisville's surprise recruiting success (2:30): Aaron opens the show by discussing Louisville football's surprise recruiting success. After getting two five-stars in the last few weeks, including the nation's No. 1 running back, is the Cards' success all about NIL? And will they be covered the same as Texas A&M and other schools accused of taking full advantage of NIL?!

Is Shaedon Sharpe's draft stock falling: Next up, Aaron turns to the 2022 NBA Draft and asks a simple question - following several bizarre interviews, is Shaedon Sharpe's draft stock falling? How one comment from Sharpe changed the whole narrative on everything to do with him.

College hoops writer Zac Krull joins for an NBA Draft deep dive: Finally, Zac Krull, who covers college hoops for Aaron Torres Online joins the show to talk all things NBA Draft. They discuss if Jabari Smith should go No. 1 overall, whether concerns with Chet Holgmren are legit, and go through their favorite and least favorite players in this draft. Also, Aaron explains why his opinion on one star has completely flipped in the last week.

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