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ICYMI: John Frascella gets into Twitter war with the greatest poker player of all-time

Credit: @DNEGSPoker

You may come to Aaron Torres Online for your hard-hitting college sports and pro football coverage, but we also know poker.

Against the backdrop of our exciting partnership with DraftKings Sportsbook, we’ll continue to bring you fun gambling content and boy… this one is a doozy.

Last week some of the greatest poker players in the world collided in the “Super High Roller Bowl” in Vegas.

The buy-in? No big deal. Just a cool $300,000 per player. The winner only gets a measly $3,402,000.

So yeah, this is some serious shit. Among the players was the famous Daniel Negreanu, widely considered one of the greatest poker players of all time. Negreanu has earned $43 MILLION in tournaments over the course of his illustrious career, and six World Series of Poker championship bracelets.

Unfortunately for Mr. Negreanu, his big-money tournament appearance didn’t last very long. He busted in the first level to eventual winner, Aussie poker genius Michael Addamo. Long story short, Negreanu called off his entire stack with just top pair, top kicker. Addamo took him out with a flopped straight (you remember this scene from Rounders).

Well, um, our John Frascella - @LegendSports7 on Twitter – didn’t quite agree with the play. And like any true, blue-blooded New Yorker, which John is (go Jets!), he let him know about it:

And well, let’s just say Mr. Negreanu didn’t take kindly to Johnny’s critique:

BOOM! Roasted. Danny was pretty salty there for a pro; nevertheless, John didn’t back down:

We correspond with class at Aaron Torres Media! A professional reply from John. But Negreanu wasn’t done:

Daniel has 495,000 followers… why’s he getting so fresh about something like this? John refused to take the bait. He kept it professional:

Negreanu – not surprisingly – refused to give in:

Finally, everything calmed from there, but how about that: The greatest poker player of all-time calling our John Frascella a “random Twitter guy who has never stepped foot in a $300k buy in tourney”?

Clearly he struck a nerve. And who knows, maybe he was right?

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