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We have video of all four Zach Wilson INT's against New England - and it's even worse than you think

Coming into Sunday's Patriots-Jets game, there was one thing we were uncertain of - and one thing we knew for sure.

What we were uncertain of: Was Zach Wilson really worthy of being the second overall pick in last year's draft? Or was a guy who played one good season, and zero Power 5 opponents last season, over-drafted, especially relative to guys like Justin Fields and Mac Jones?

What we knew for sure: Whether Wilson was really worthy of being the No. 2 overall selection was irrelevant on Sunday. Because he was going up against Bill Belichick. And Belichick chews up rookie quarterbacks and spits them out like hyenas in the wild gnawing at the rotting carcass of a deceased water buffalo.

Still, even knowing what Belichick does to rookie quarterbacks - how bad could it really be??

Well the answer? Awful, as Wilson ended the game with four interceptions, including two on his first two passes of the game.

Here's the first:

Ok, not so bad. Things would get better, right???

Not exactly. Here is Wilson's VERY next throw:

Another one that wasn't thaaaaat bad. I mean, bit of a misfire, but he'd learn from his mi ---

Ok, now it's getting bad. When the color commentator makes the "I told you not to go crazy" comment going into break, you know it's not your day.

And you know when it's REALLY not your day?

When you do this, after already throwing three picks

Ok that's bad, and Wilson is clearly shook.

The good news, it's not like the first time Bill Belichick has made a young quarterback look bad.

Just ask the guy that Wilson replaced, Sam Darnold.

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