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WILD college football coaching carousel rumors! Michigan/Big Ten settlement, Rich Rod JOINS THE SHOW

On today's show Aaron discusses the next big move on the college football coaching carousel and Michigan settling with the Big Ten - and why the pressure is now on... Ohio State?! Plus, he plays "Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong" and Rich Rodriguez joins the show! Here's a full rundown:

Michigan settles with the Big Ten - now the pressure's on... Ohio State?! (2:00): Torres opens the show by discussing Michigan's decision not to fight the Big Ten's three-game suspension of Jim Harbaugh. Also, is all the pressure now on... Ohio State?! Torres explains.

What's the next big news on the college football coaching carousel (15:00): From there, Torres discusses the next big moves on the college football coaching carousel. He discusses the Chip Kelly/UCLA report - and why he's not sure it's accurate. Plus, has a decision already been made on Arkansas' Sam Pittman?! Plus thoughts on a few other major gigs.

Rich Rodriguez joins the show (34:00): Next, Aaron is welcomed by Jacksonville State head coach Rich Rodriguez. The guys discuss his work taking JSU from the FCS to the FBS, whether JSU should be bowl eligible and Rich Rod answers the question of what he's learned through the years and if he appreciates the wins more as time has gone on.

Finally, the show wraps with another edition of "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" as he discusses the one college football coach he was dead right on, the one he was wrong on, and what to make of Kentucky and Duke basketball after the Champions Classic. Plus, the one NBA star he nailed from the beginning (51:00)!

You can listen below or download:


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