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Why this isn't a "boring" Final Four, can anyone beat UConn + a MEGA transfer portal UPDATE!!!!

Today's show starts by Aaron talking Final Four and explaining why no this isn't a "boring" Final Four and why it does feature elite teams good enough to win it all. Also, why UConn is *not* a lock to win it all and finally, a mega transfer portal news and notes segment - who's committing, who is visiting where + the best players to enter, including Caleb Love and more.

Why this isn't a "boring" Final Four + can anyone beat UConn?: Aaron opens the show by playing a little "myth-busting" of the Final Four, explaining why this isn't a boring Final Four and why the teams are better than they're being credit for (2:00). Plus, Aaron explains why the narrative of "It's UConn and everyone else" is idiotic, and what it will take to beat the Huskies. Finally, he shares quick thoughts on Rodney Terry getting the Texas job full-time (14:00).

A mega transfer portal news and notes segment (25:00): Next, Aaron hits the portal! He discusses Caleb Love entering and what schools makes sense, plus the other big names who are moving on. Also, he talks about Arkansas and St. John's closing in on big names and three marquee commitments in recent days.

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