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Torres Pod: Why no playoff expansion is *good* for college football, Juwan Howard + Auburn concerns?

On a busy Monday pod, Aaron discusses the news that the College Football Playoff will *not* expand - and why it's a good thing for the sport. He also discusses the one thing that will fix college hoops that no one is talking about. Then from there he hits on the crazy Juwan Howard deal and whether its time to worry about Auburn basketball after a loss to Florida.

What the decision to NOT expand the College Football Playoff means for the sport: Aaron opens the show by discussing the decision not to expand the College Football Playoff. Aaron explains why he believes expansion won't solve college football's problems the way most people think it will (1:30), and also shares the one way that college football will become a more competitive, balanced sport - that no one is talking about (24:30)

Reaction to Juwan Howard fight, is it time to worry about Auburn and other college hoops thoughts: Finally, Aaron reacts to a wild weekend in college hoops. He discusses the crazy scene involving Juwan Howard - what is a fair punishment for the embattled Michigan coach and should he be fired (39:30)? He then reacts to Auburn's loss and wonders if it's time to worry about the Tigers, what a win for Florida means, and much more from the weekend that was in college hoops (54:00).

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