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What You Missed Yesterday: Aaron Torres Media Launches, Emoni Bates commits and more

Every morning we'll get you caught up on everything you missed from around the world of sports and here on Aaron Torres Online.

First and most important, Aaron Torres Online media launched! Here is what you can expect - and what you absolutely should not expect.

The big news of the day was that Emoni Bates has committed to Memphis. Aaron broke it down on today's Aaron Torres Podcast.

Aaron also updated his Top 25 for next year with the Bates news. Still - he isn't totally buying the Tigers.

On the football side, well, we are getting close to the start of the season. Our rock star daily fantasy writer JB Berry had his first post for the site, giving you the best over/under win total bets in the AFC this season.

And our fantasy insider John Frascella told you what running backs that you should and should not stay away from this football season.

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