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What you missed: Nets ready to trade Kyrie, Gruden, Coach K, which job is better- USC or LSU

It's Wednesday - and Tuesday was a WILD day in sports. Here's everything you missed

* There were two big stories, the first we'll get into in a second, but first, how about Kyrie. You know that he is now suspended from the Nets roster - and one prominent media member says that KD has given the Nets approval to trade Kyrie.

* The other big story is of course, Jon Gruden. Aaron talked about it on Twitter, and again today's podcast: Yes, what Gruden said was awful. But how did a review of 650,000 e-mails from the Washington Football Team result in *only* Gruden's emails getting leaked? What is the NFL hiding?

* In the college game, we are now a month away from college hoops - and the Coach K retirement tour is in full swing. Want to go to his last game against UNC? It's going to cost you an insane amount of money.

* In college football, Aaron talked about an interesting topic on today's podcast: USC's job is currently open. LSU will probably open soon. They may be fighting over the same candidates. So which one is *actually* better?

Finally, you can download a new Aaron Torres Podcast - as Aaron talks Gruden, LSU vs. USC, and a quick look at this weekend's mega showdown between Kentucky and Georgia.


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