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What You Missed: LSU coaching update, defending UT fans + first college hoops AP Poll

It was a busy day across Aaron Torres Media, here is what you missed on Monday:

* The big story is of course that Coach O is out at LSU. We put out our initial list of candidates on Sunday, and by Monday afternoon, we already had one marquee coach deny interest. By the way, did you hear the crazy stories about Coach O's off the field life that began to surface in recent days?

* Speaking of college football, Aaron put out his defense of Tennessee fans, after the crazy situation at Neyland Stadium on Saturday night.

* We will continue our preseason college hoops series later today with a very special preview, but in the meantime, we got our first college hoops AP Poll on Monday. Aaron gave us five teams that he thought were wildly overrated or wildly underrated.

Finally, we had two new podcasts on Monday.

Aaron dropped a new episode of "College Football Betting" looking ahead to the Week 8 slate. And Jeff Culhane has your full FCS rundown on "FCS Fever."

* Finally, make sure to follow Aaron Torres Media on all the social media platforms, as there will be a LOT of big news in the coming days.


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