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What's next in college sports realignment? Here are the only two moves that matter

Credit: Notre Dame Athletics

By now, you already know, but man, has it been a hectic could days in college sports. USC and UCLA have officially left for the Big Ten, and college sports have been left in scramble mode.

Everyone wants to know what's next, who's going where, and how soon will we end up with two super conferences?

Well over on the Aaron Torres Podcast YouTube channel, Aaron addressed just that.

As Aaron sees it, there are really only two moves that matter. With all due respect to the rest of the Pac-12, teams in the Big 12 and beyond, the future of college sports hinges on two things:

  • Does Notre Dame choose to join a conference?

  • Can ACC teams get out of their current TV deal?

Aaron discusses all of that, as well as what the ramifications for each will be. Why Notre Dame might, finally, have no choice but to join a conference? Could ACC teams be willing to pay 10's (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars to leave the league?

And what schools could go where?

Aaron discusses it all below

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