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Week 10 RECAP: Bama's big win, USC debacle, Michigan without Stalions + REST OF A WILD WEEK!

Torres rips through the best Saturday of the college football season, reacting to Bama's big win over LSU - and why this is proof of one big thing. Plus, USC gets embarrassed by Washington and finally makes a big move. Then, the rest of the weekend in college football, including Michigan winning big without Connor Stalions, Texas surviving, Bedlam and... is the clock ticking on Jimbo Fisher?

Bama beats LSU - is this Nick Saban's best coaching job ever (2:00): Torres opens the show by discussing Alabama's big win over LSU. Considering where things were two months ago, is this Nick Saban's best coaching job ever?

USC gets embarrassed by Washington and fires their defensive coordinator - now what (20:00)?: Next, Torres reacts to the big news at USC. Defensive coordinator Alex Grinch was fired, following another frustrating loss to Washington. Torres says there's one silver lining that not everyone may have realized just yet.

The rest of a wild weekend in college football (34:00): Finally, Torres shares thoughts from a wild Saturday in college football. Is Michigan's dominant win over Purdue proof that Connor Stalions had nothing to do with their success? Texas survives, Oklahoma loses, plus is the clock officially ticking on Jimbo Fisher's tenure at Texas A&M.

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