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We have some WILD stories that have come out about the final few months of Coach O's tenure at LSU

By now, you know about the biggest story in college football - and arguably in sports - as Coach O was officially relieved of his duties as head coach of LSU on Sunday morning.

But even as speculation over who will come next (and our list of candidates is here), stories are now beginning to leak about what led to Coach O's downfall with the Tigers. Admittedly, there are a myriad of reasons, but among the many - Coach O seemed to take a lot of joy in being the single, head football coach of LSU.

And he took full advantage of it after LSU won the title.

For those who don't know, Orgeron divorced his wife of several decades following the Tigers' national title run in 2019, and his dating exploits became public fodder in the Baton Rouge area.

They may have also led to his downfall.

Again, several stories leaked over the previous few hours, including a couple juicy ones.

First, this, from the Athletic:

It created messes for him, like the time Orgeron pulled up to a woman at a gas station wearing exercise attire. “Hey, you look like you work out,” he said, according to multiple sources. “We could work out together.” The woman informed Orgeron she was married and pregnant, to which he responded, “Why does that matter?”
That woman was the wife of a high-ranking LSU official. Word of this reached the LSU Board of Supervisors, the collection of prominent Louisiana attorneys and business owners appointed by the governor who make the most important decisions at LSU. And of course, it reached LSU athletic director Scott Woodward.

Not ideal.

And if that weren't enough, and for those who think that might be an over-exaggeration, the Athletic report was basically confirmed by a second source a few hours later.

Admittedly, the skeptic would say "Hmm, all these stories seem to be coming out after Coach O got fired. Is it possible that someone leaked them all to make Coach O look bad."

While that is obviously a possibility, here is also the reality: It's what we said above, Coach O's dating exploits had become public knowledge over the last two years or so in Baton Rouge.

And while a single man is ABSOLUTELY able to do what he wants (again, no one on this staff is judging) it's hard to argue that chasing women all over town may have led to a more distracted coach, which in turn led to a less focused and less prepared football team, which has won a *lot* less games over the last few years.

Again, a grown man is allowed to do what he wants in his dating and personal life.

But it's hard to imagine that all this didn't at least play a tiny role in Coach O's eventual downfall.

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