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Video of the punch Buddy Boeheim threw during the Syracuse-Florida State game - should be suspended?

Details are below


It's March, and that traditionally means all sorts of things.

Daytime basketball. Brackets being busted. Crying cheerleaders and clarinet players. Oh, and Syracuse going from a "forgettable, boring team" in the regular season to "the Golden State Warriors" in the postseason.

The most consistent trend in March continued on Wednesday, when Syracuse - fresh off ending the regular season below .500 with a loss to Miami - opened ACC Tournament play... by absolutely dominating Florida State 96-57.

Of course, if that were all that happened we wouldn't be talking about it - but instead we're writing here for a different reason. It's because of a big play that went uncalled in the first half: Buddy Boeheim taking a swing at Florida State forward Wyatt Wilkes.

Hmm. Pretty clearly looks like a punch to me.

Wilkes briefly went down, but in a strange twist, never went to the refs to complain and the play was never officially reviewed. After the play however, many fans were calling for the league to review, and potentially hand down a suspension for the Orange's quarterfinal game against Duke on Thursday.

As of right now there has been no formal punishment, and in the least surprising news ever, Jim Boeheim doesn't see the need for one.

After the game he was asked about the punch, and well golly, he didn't see a punch at all.

Interesting response.

It also leads me to one question: If it was inadvertent as Boehiem says, why in the world did he also feel the need to mention that Buddy Boeheim was "pushed" twice before the play.


Eventually Boeheim did issue an apology, but we'll see if it's enough.

The Orange play Duke at noon ET on Thursday.


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