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Urban Meyer was awful in his NFL debut - and EVERYONE had jokes about it

While the NFL was full of plenty of interesting headlines heading into Week 1, one of the most interesting was in Jacksonville. Yes, Jacksonville.

There, the No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence and new head coach Urban Meyer took the field for their first games in the NFL.

Admittedly, if you watched the Jags in the preseason, you knew it might not be pretty - but I don't think anyone could have expected just how bad it got. Playing arguably the worst team (or so we thought) in the NFL, the Houston Texans, the Jaguars were boat raced, in an absolutely embarrassing 37-21 loss. The Jags scored in the final seconds to make an embarrassing final score, just a bit less embarrassing.

It was bad, and led everyone on Twitter to make the same joke: That Meyer ain't going to be in Jacksonville all that long.

For a man with historic of quick fixes and quick exits, often aided by "health problems" it doesn't seem as though many people believe he's in it for the long haul in Jacksonville.

Here are some of the best tweets:

Then, of course came the next speculation: That he's going to head back to college.

He might be aided by a yet-to-be-identified health issue along the way.

And finally...

Safe to say, most of America is not all that confident that "Urban Meyer, NFL head coach" has long-term staying power.


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