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UConn football is a bottomless pit of embarrassment

There isn't a ton that we are certain about in college football right now.

Is Alabama really the best team in the sport? Is this finally the year the Pac-12 makes the playoff? Can someone take down Ohio State in the Big Ten?

It will all be answered soon.

But one thing that we know is certain: UConn is the worst team in the FBS. There is no close second.

They lost their opener to Fresno State 45-0. Then to FCS team Holy Cross (which isn't even ranked). And then last week, a 49-0 loss to Purdue.

Still, it all paled in comparison to Saturday, where they lost to Army... trailing 42-0 at halftime.

FORTY-TWO nothing.


To quote Allen Iverson: "Not Bama. Not Georgia. Army. WE TALKIN' BOUT ARMY!"

Since the final box score doesn't really do the game justice, here are a few low lights in the first half, to show you just how bad things got.

I mean, when the corporate partners Twitter account - in this case, CBS - is making fun of you, you know it's bad.

Just how bad? This was their drive chart against FBS teams at one point during the game.

Thankfully (I guess) the Huskies put up a few touchdowns late to make it look a bit more competitive than it actually was.

That's right, the final score was "only" 52-21, with Army essentially sitting on the ball in the second half to avoid an even more embarrassing loss than it could have been.

Still, there is hope for UConn - they play Yale in a few weeks, with Vanderbilt and UMass still left on the schedule.

As the old phrase goes: "So you're saying there's a chance!"

Well, not really.

But hey, only a few weeks until basketball season in Storrs.

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