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Torres Pod: Will Levis falls! Will Anthony Richardson work in Indy? Winners and losers from Round 1!

On today's show, Aaron reacts to a wild night in the NFL Draft, where Will Levis tumbled, Houston stunned everyone and Anthony Richardson went to Indy. What caused Levis' fall? Who were the big winners? Torres has you covered

Why did Will Levis fall? Houston's big night? Will Anthony Richardson work in Indy: It was night in KC and Torres reacts to it all. He explains the *real* reason Will Levis fell in the draft and why Houston showed him something he wasn't expecting. Plus, why Torres is worried about the Anthony Richardson/Indianapolis fit.

Other reaction to Night 1 of the NFL Draft: From there, Aaron shares the rest of his thoughts on Night 1 of the NFL Draft. He discusses a new NFL trend he loves, why the Seahawks got the steal of the draft and why the Eagles might be the biggest winner of all. Finally, a funny note about Aaron Rodgers new team - the New York Jets.

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