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Torres Pod: Why Tennessee upsets Bama, could PSU beat Michigan? Rest of Week 7, Aaron Right/Wrong

Aaron explains why he believes Tennessee will pull the upset of Alabama and why Penn State could do the same against Michigan. He then looks at the rest of the Week 7 slate, hitting on USC-Utah, Clemson-Florida State and other big games. Finally it's, "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" chatting about Kevin Warren's comments on Big Ten expansion, an expanded NCAA Tournament and why he was wrong on star college football coach.

Why Tennessee will upset Alabama and why Penn State can beat Michigan (3:00): Aaron opens the show by talking about college football's two Top 10 matchups, Alabama-Tennessee and Penn State-Michigan. He explains why he believes Tennessee will beat Alabama (even if Bryce Young plays) and why Penn State has the ability to stun Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The rest of a loaded Week 7 slate (23:00): From there, Aaron continues the conversation previewing the rest of the Week 7 slate. He discusses USC-Utah, Clemson-Florida State, LSU-Florida and more.

Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong (35:00): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by playing "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" discussing the Big Ten commissioner say (again) that he doesn't plan on expanding, why no one wants the one and done removed and why Aaron was dead right on NCAA Tournament expansion talk. Plus, why he was dead wrong on one college football coaching star.

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