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Do people hate Deion or the media? + Crazy CFB ratings, SEC team with most at stake in Week 5

On today's show, Aaron wonders - do people dislike Deion Sanders? Or the insane media coverage around him? Plus, college football ratings are through the roof - and Aaron explains the reasons why. Finally, all 14 SEC teams play league games this weekend - and here's who has the most to prove!

Do people hate Deion or the media coverage around him: There is more backlash to Colorado football, after a crazy accusation by Keyshawn Johnson - it makes Torres wonder: Do people actually dislike Deion? Or the media who covers him?

CFB ratings are through the roof - here's why: Next up, college football ratings are up a crazy amount this season - and Aaron thinks he knows why.

Who has the most to prove in the SEC this weekend: Finally, with all 14 teams in action this weekend, Aaron wonders: Which SEC team has the most to prove? In the process he looks ahead to Florida-Kentucky, Texas A&M-Arkansas, LSU-Ole Miss and more!

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