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Torres Pod: USC/UCLA fallout, the two next big moves in realignment + sad fall of Emoni Bates

On today's show, Aaron discusses the fallout around the Pac-12 from USC and UCLA's decision - and a surprising reaction from across the league. He also hits on the next two realignment moves that could shake up college sports, and discusses the sad fall of Emoni Bates who committed to Eastern Michigan last week.

Fallout from the USC/UCLA move (2:00): Aaron opens the show by sharing some conversations he had from across the Pac-12 this weekend. He explains why USC and UCLA are *not* worried about travel in their move to the Big Ten, and why they believe this move is only a benefit. Also, the one Pac-12 school he believes can join them in the Big Ten (hint, it's not Oregon) and if the Pac-12 can do anything to salvage the league.

The next two big realignment moves that could change college sports forever (22:00): Next, Aaron discusses what could be next in realignment. He explains why this finally might be the time for Notre Dame to join a league, and also if ACC teams are really willing to wait to make their next move - or ready to jump to the SEC and Big Ten.

A sad update on Emoni Bates (45:00): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by talking about Emoni Bates' commitment to Eastern Michigan. He explains why it's a sad fall for the former No. 1 high school basketball player in America, and another bad move by the people advising the 18-year-old Bates. Also, is Emoni still a legitimate NBA Draft prospect?

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