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Torres Pod: USC a playoff team? PSU beats Auburn, Georgia better than last year? Herm Edwards fired

On today's show, Aaron discusses if USC is already a playoff contender and how Penn State's win over Auburn shows that the Big Ten is gaining ground on the SEC. Plus, is Georgia better than last year and Arizona State fires Herm Edwards - Aaron explains why the hiring process will be complicated. Here's a full rundown of the show:

Is USC a playoff team (5:00): On today's show, Aaron opens by asking if USC is already a playoff contender? The Trojan defense isn't good, but not as bad as you think, and Aaron believes the offense and schedule are good enough to give them a chance. Also, how Lincoln Riley has already coached a near-identical team to college football's biggest stage.

Does Penn State's win at Auburn prove the top of the Big Ten is better than the top of the SEC (20:00)? Next up, Aaron dives into Penn State's win over Auburn. Yes, Auburn is bad - but how many SEC teams could have won on the Plains the way the Nittany Lions did on Saturday? Is it proof, that with Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan, that the top of the Big Ten is better than the top of the SEC?

Is Georgia better than last year: Next, Aaron asks the simple question - is Georgia better than last year (35:00)? He uses an example from one of college football's great teams to answer the question.

Herm Edwards is fired - how good of a job is ASU? (46:00): Finally, he wraps by discussing Arizona State firing Herm Edwards. He discusses how good the job actually is, and why crazy, behind the scenes politics, make finding the next coach that much more challenging.

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