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TORRES POD: Title game recap + "Way Too Early Top 25" for 2022-2023

Aaron opens the show by breaking down every angle of a thrilling final between Kansas and North Carolina. How Kansas did it, what's their future with NCAA sanctions and a newfound respect for Carolina. Plus, Aaron's look at his 2022-2023 "Way Too Early Top 25."

NCAA title game reaction (2:00): Aaron opens the show with reaction to the national title game. Was it the best ever? Maybe, but more importantly, it was an instant classic, and Aaron breaks down every angle. The one thing that allowed Kansas to prevail, why he has a newfound respect for North Carolina, and also why this game proves Bill Self might be the best coach in the sport. Also, what is Kansas' future with looming NCAA sanctions?

"Way Too Early Top 25" for 2022-2023 (26:00): From there, Aaron discusses his "Way Too Early Top 25" for 2022-2023. He hits on all the big teams, discussing whether Arkansas, Kansas, UCLA or someone else deserves the top spot. Also, how high can you rank Duke without Coach K? What will Kentucky's off-season look like, and the one fan-base that's probably *mad* about being ranked in the Top 10. Aaron runs down his full list, which you can read here.

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