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Torres Pod: Thrilling Ohio St-Notre Dame finish, Colorado loses, Dan Lanning comments + MUCH more

We have a loaded Monday show, as Torres talks the Ohio State-Notre Dame thriller and Ryan Day calling out Lou Holtz in that wild rant. Plus, what Colorado's loss mean and Dan Lanning's comments on Coach Prime, and thoughts on Clemson-FSU and Ole Miss-Bama. Finally, Torres shouts out Tua's big day in the NFL and a Taylor Swift sighting at Arrowhead! Here's the full rundown:

Ohio State-Notre Dame thriller and Ryan Day calls out Lou Holtz (2:00): Torres opens the show by discussing the Ohio State-Notre Dame thriller and Ryan Day calling out... Lou Holtz?! Who actually looks bad in the Day/Holtz bruhaha and what the result means for Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Colorado loses and Dan Lanning goes in on Coach Prime (23:00): From there, Torres talks about Colorado taking its first loss - and what the Buffaloes can learn. Also, Dan Lanning called out Deion Sanders before the game and at halftime - but he did it for a different reason than you think!

The rest of the weekend in football (45:00): Finally, Torres wraps by talking the rest of the weekend in football, including Clemson's crushing loss, Bama rolling and other news and notes from college football. Plus, you know he has thoughts on Tua and the Dolphins' historic day, plus... Taylor Swift was at Arrowhead on Sunday - and Torres has one big piece of advice for Travis Kelce!

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