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Torres Pod: Tennessee's signature win, what's next for Bama? Michigan better than last year?

Aaron discusses why Tennessee's win means so much and what the Vols ceiling is, and why Alabama's loss is bigger than just one loss. Plus, is Michigan better than last year, the problem with James Franklin and the rest of the Week 7 recap.

Why Tennessee's win is bigger than you think (3:00): Aaron discusses Tennessee's incredible win over Alabama, and why this is 15 years in the making. Yes, Tennessee is now an SEC and playoff contender - but on Saturday it was simply about exorcising 15 years worth of demons.

Is Alabama broken? And can they be fixed? (22:00): Next up, Aaron shares teh Alabama perspective of things. The Tide lost on Saturday, again with too many penalties and self-inflicted wounds, and easily could have two or three losses on their resume this season. What's gone wrong? And can the Tide be fixed?

Is Michigan better than last year (34:30)? Next, Aaron looks at the other big game from Saturday, as Michigan steamrolled Penn State in a game that wasn't as close as the final score indicated. He explains why Michigan might once again be built to make a run to the playoff - and potentially win when they get there.

Plus, thoughts on another James Franklin letdown, Utah's win over USC, wins by LSU, Kentucky and Arkansas, and three of college football's best surprises - Illinois, TCU and Syracuse (45:00)

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