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TORRES POD: Tennessee rolls, Mark Stoops needs to evolve? How good is OSU? Update on Auburn

On today's show, Aaron wonders if Tennessee is actually even better than we think, and explains why it's time to ask tough questions of Mark Stoops. Also, are we sure Ohio State is good and Aaron explains how two key things happened over the weekend that could let us know about Auburn football's future. Here's a full rundown:

Is Tennessee better than we think (3:00)? Aaron opens the show by discussing Tennessee steamrolling another Top 20 opponent. Why the Vols should be No. 1 in the first College Football Playoff poll and also, why all of sudden, comparisons to 2019 LSU aren't so crazy.

Why Mark Stoops needs to evolve (14:00)?: Next, Aaron looks at the other side and wonders if it's time for Mark Stoops to evolve. What Stoops has done at Kentucky is incredible - but with his most talented roster yet, is Stoops still coaching "not to lose" rather than to win?

Just how good is Ohio State (24:00)?: Ohio State won once again, but the Buckeyes trailed deep into the fourth quarter. In a year where the expectation is to beat Michigan, win the Big Ten and win in the playoff, are we sure that the Buckeyes are built to hang with teams like Georgia, Tennessee and yes, even Michigan?

Updates at Auburn (42:00)?: Finally, Aaron discusses a potential new AD at Auburn, and why Hugh Freeze's contract extension at Liberty won't keep him from going to Auburn - if they pay up.

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