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Torres Pod: Super Bowl, Bryan Harsin back to Auburn + the only 5 teams that can the CBB title

It's Monday, and we have a loaded Aaron Torres Pod! Aaron has immediate reaction to Sunday's Super Bowl, Bryan Harsin's return to Auburn, and says with a month left in the season, there are only five teams that he believes can win college hoops' national title - here is a full rundown:

Super Bowl reaction (2:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing the Rams' Super Bowl title. He explains why you shouldn't blame the refs, and why the Rams' strengths and the Bengals' weaknesses all season long, were on display in crunch time Sunday. He then shares thoughts on Matthew Stafford, the Bengals' future, the halftime show and why everyone should get to Super Bowl week if they can.

Bryan Harsin is back at Auburn (28:00): From there, Aaron transitions to discuss the plot twist at Auburn, where Bryan Harsin will return as head coach. Aarone explains what happened, why he's surprised and why he wonders if there's any way for Harsin to put a winning football team on the field this fall.

The five teams that can win the college hoops title (35:30): Finally, Aaron wraps the show with a MEGA college hoops segment. He explains why history tells us that it's only a small group of teams that can win the college hoops title - and shares the five teams that he thinks are capable of winning it this year. Who are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses and also - he lists the two or three contenders that are *NOT* good enough to win it all.

You can listen to today's show below or download:



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