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Torres Pod: Signing Day preview, what's wrong with USC + the impact of Nebraska landing the No. 1 QB in America!

On a busy National Signing Day show - Torres whips around college football. He discusses chaos at USC, which has lost several high profile players in the portal? What's going on and how blame should USC get?! Plus, Nebraska officially landed the top QB in America - what does it mean for the Huskers? Plus, a full National Signing Day preview talking about the big players, potential flips and everything you need to know! 

What's going on at USC (2:00): Torres opens the show by asking the question - what the heck is going on at USC?! A five-star quarterback has transferred out, plus several key defensive players. Has Lincoln Riley completely lost control of this program?!

The top QB is headed to Nebraska + the rest of all the big Signing Day stories (17:00): From there, Torres reacts to the huge piece of news of the week - as Dylan Raiola, the No. 1 QB in HS football has flipped from Georgia to Nebraska! Why it's both surprising and not surprising, and what does it mean for Nebraska going forward?! Also, he looks at all the big stories heading into National Signing Day Wednesday, including big flips, potential players changing teams and much, MUCH more.

You can listen below or download:


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