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Torres Pod: RIP Mike Leach + Chris Beard arrested - is he done at Texas?

On today's show, Aaron remembers Mike Leach, discusses his legacy and shares audio of some of his best commentary. Then he discusses the arrest of Chris Beard, what's next and explains why he believes Beard will never coach at Texas again.

RIP Mike Leach: Aaron opens by discussing the passing of Mike Leach. He explains why Leach truly was one of a kind, but why he was also was a way better coach than he's given credit for it. Also, Aaron ends the segment sharing audio of some of Leach's best quotes through the years.

Chris Beard arrested - is he done at Texas?: From there, Aaron discusses the shocking arrest of Chris Beard, shares all the details, and thoughts on what it means for Texas and Beard's career - is he done at Texas?

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