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Torres Pod: RIP Bill Russell, Pac-12 commish goes off, wild CFB recruiting weekend + Bronny James

Aaron opens the show by honoring Bill Russell, before moving to a busy weekend in college sports. Does the Pac-12 have a brighter future than we thought, why this was the wildest college football recruiting weekend in years, and Bronny James' strange college recruitment. Here's a full rundown:

RIP Bill Russell (2:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing the passing of Bill Russell. Aaron explains why he was more than a sports legend, but a cultural icon whose impact is more off the court and will be felt long after his passing.

Is the Pac-12 in better shape than we thought? (12:30): Aaron transitions to an interesting weekend for the Pac-12. The league's commissioner got feisty at media days Friday, and Aaron wonders if the league has a better chance to survive than we thought. If the Big 12 was so intriguing to certain teams, why haven't they already jumped? Plus, Aaron explains why the Pac-12 has certain advantages with TV partners that no one else is talking about.

The wildest college football recruiting weekend in years (29:30): Next up, Aaron sticks with college football, talking the wildest recruiting weekend in years. He chats about how a slew of commits proves that Alabama hasn't missed a beat, why Texas A&M is again proving the doubters wrong and why USC's star QB commit visiting A&M is a sign of bigger problems for the Trojans. Plus, big weekends for Oklahoma and Florida prove their first-year head coaches have the chops to compete at the highest level.

Why is Bronny James' recruitment so quiet? (51:00): Finally, Aaron wraps with an interesting article from the New York Times on why Bronny James - the son of LeBron James - has such a quiet college recruitment entering his senior year. There are several factors, and Aaron breaks them all down here

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