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Torres Pod: Red River + the rest of Week 6, Mel Tucker being EXTORTED? Best/worst takes of the week

On today's show, Aaron previews the Red River Shootout, plus the rest of Week 6! Also, was Mel Tucker extorted? Shocking new details say yes. Finally, Torres plays America's favorite podcast game "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong." Here's a full rundown:

Red River + the rest of Week 6 in college football: After previewing Kentucky-Georgia and Alabama-Texas A&M on Wednesday, Torres looks at the Red River Shootout. Does Oklahoma have a chance? Plus a look at the rest of the Week 6 slate.

Was Mel Tucker extorted? From there, Aaron shares a shocking update on the Mel Tucker story. Tucker's lawyer released texts from his accuser Brenda Tracy - was Tucker extorted? It certainly looks that way.

"Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong": Finally Torres plays "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" hitting on his best and worst takes of the week.

You can listen to the show below or download


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