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Torres Pod: Playoff picture takes shape, Georgia unbeatable? Dan Mullen hot seat, Cason Wallace

It's Monday and we've got a LOADED Aaron Torres Pod. After another loaded weekend, Aaron has full reaction! He gives you five things he learned about the College Football Playoff and discusses Dan Mullen's very hot seat. Plus, Josh Heupel and five-star Cason Wallace commits:

Playoff picture taking shape: Aaron opens the show by discussing what is new in the College Football Playoff picture after this weekend (2:15). He gives five takeaways, including Alabama's continued struggles, what to do with Cincinnati and is everyone officially playing for second place behind Georgia?

Dan Mullen hot seat: Aaron also discusses the suddenly red hot seat of Dan Mullen. Aaron explains how it got so bad, so fast, following a stunning loss to South Carolina Saturday. Also, does Mullen even want to be at Florida anymore (34:00)?

Finally, Aaron wraps by talking about why Nebraska should keep Scott Frost despite his abysmal record (49:00), why Josh Heuepel and Tennessee are one of the best stories in the sport (1:01:00) and five-star Cason Wallace committing to Kentucky (1:09:00). Also, Aaron Torres Media now has MERCH and Aaron has the details (1:12:30).

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