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Torres Pod: No 1 seeds, bubble teams, Tom Crean fired, next at UGA + Murray State coach Matt McMahon

It's March and we have a jam-packed show LOADED with college hoops. Aaron goes through the No. 1 seed picture, talks about winners and losers in the bubble world, and discusses who's next after Tom Crean was fired. Also, Murray State head coach Matt McMahon joins the show. Here's a full rundown:

Who gets the No. 1 seeds (2:00) + bubble teams (20:00): Aaron opens the show by taking a deep dive into the No. 1 seed picture. Gonzaga and Arizona have No. 1 seeds locked up, but what does Baylor's loss mean for the No. 1 seed picture, and if Auburn or Kentucky wins the SEC, do they get a No. 1? Also, Aaron runs through the bubble picture - who have been the biggest winners and losers so far, including thoughts on Indiana, Xavier, Michigan and the ACC.

Tom Crean is fired - who's next at Georgia (32:30): Next up, Aaron discusses Georgia's decision to finally fire Tom Crean. Aaron explains what went wrong and explains why this hire was doomed from the beginning. Also, Aaron explains why there are two candidates that seemingly have the inside track on the job, and one wild card that could change everything.

Murray State coach Matt McMahon joins the show (1:03:00): Finally, Murray State head coach Matt McMahon joins the show. He discusses his 30-2 squad, when he knew this team was special, and the problems his team could pose in March. Also, how does a coach spend his time with a week before the tournament starts, and the impact Ja Morant has had on the program, even years after he left.

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