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Torres Pod: New twist on Pac12 uncertain future + media day reaction + UConn recruiting on fire

On today's show Aaron reacts to Pac-12 Media Day, where the commissioner spoke - but does anyone believe him on the league's uncertain future? From there, Torres talks on the field predictions in the Pac-12, where the league is actually set to have its best season in years. Plus, did Caleb Williams tamper with a new teammate and UConn hoops is on a recruiting roll. Here's a full rundown of today's show:

The Pac-12 commissioner discusses league's uncertain future (3:00): Torres opens the show by discussing the Pac-12 commissioner speaking about the league's uncertain future at Media Day on Friday. The commish painted a picture of confidence, and promised the league will stick together - but should we believe him?

Other reaction to Pac-12 Media Day - how good can this league be (17:00)? From there, Torres actually talks the on-the-field Pac-12 football product, which should be as good as its been in years. USC is the favorite - but should they be? Oregon and Washington are coming off 10+ win seasons, and Torres buys one but not the other. Also, the one surprise pick that Torres has for this league.

UConn hoops remains on a recruiting roll (38:00): Finally, Torres wraps by discussing UConn basketball on a recruiting roll, adding another big-time commit. More importantly, is this program about to take its recruiting to another level over the next year or two?

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