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Torres Pod: NBA Draft Deadline winners and losers, SEC spring meetings + Big 12 expansion coming?!

On today's show, Aaron reacts to the NBA Draft deadline, talking about Kentucky's awful day, while reacting to all the big winners. From there he talks about some interesting comments from Nick Saban at SEC spring meetings and share some insight into potential Big 12 expansion - is it coming soon? And what schools?

NBA Draft deadline reaction: Torres opens the show by discussing the NBA Draft deadline. He starts with a disastrous day at Kentucky and explains what has to change for John Calipari (2:00). From there, he hits on the big winners and losers, sharing thoughts on Creighton, Purdue, Villanova, Arkansas, UConn and more (13:00).

SEC spring meetings (28:00): From there, Aaron switches gears and talks about some very interesting comments from Nick Saban at the SEC spring meetings - is historic change coming to college sports?

Big 12 on the verge of expansion (42:00): Finally, talking about historic change, Torres shares what he's heard about Big 12 expansion. Rumors are Colorado has an offer, but Aaron explains why there might be change to plans on expansion. Who is the league interested in? And what big-time schools are they staying away from?

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