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Torres Pod: MLB cancels games, Tuesday night college hoops + college football attendance plummets

We have a loaded mid-week show, as Aaron goes off on the MLB after they cancel the first week of the season, talks Tuesday night college hoops, and finally discusses college football's attendance problems - and wonders if it's a problem that can't be fixed. Here's a full rundown:

MLB cancels games (2:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing the MLB's decision to cancel games - and goes off on the league's idiotic decision. What does it mean for MLB? Will the sport lose fans that will never return? Also, why watching the MLB flounder makes him appreciate Roger Goodell even more

Tuesday night college hoops (20:00): From there, Aaron talks Tuesday night college hoops. He discusses Arizona beating USC, and why it might have been one of the most impressive performances all season. Also, are there two teams pulling away from everyone else in college hoops? Finally he discusses the revival of Wisconsin, which beat Purdue to win the Big Ten title, and asks if the Badgers should be in consideration for a No. 1 seed?

College football has an attendance problem - can it be fixed (35:00)?: Finally, Aaron wraps the show by discussing a report that college football attendance fell dramatically this season. Aaron explains why it may have happened, but also explains why he believes that this may be the one problem college football can't fix.

You can listen to the pod below, or subscribe:


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