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Torres Pod: Miami $9 million QB, Arch Manning effect at UT + UNC, Gonzaga and everyone else in CBB?

On today's show, Aaron discusses Miami snagging an elite QB, the NIL rumors and explains why this is the best example yet of why people in college sports are frustrated with NIL. From there he talks about how Arch Manning is *already* having an impact at Texas, and answers the question "Is it North Carolina, Gonzaga and everyone else" in college hoops in 2022-2023. Here's a full rundown:

The rumors around Miami's $9.5 million QB (2:00): Aaron opens by discussing the crazy story of four-star QB Jaden Rashada's commitment to Miami, and how his lawyer/agent may have admitted to an NCAA rules violation for taking NIL money. Is it true? What's next? And why this is the best example yet of why administrators, coaches and fans are frustrated with the state of NIL.

Arch Manning's impact being felt at Texas (23:00): Next up, Aaron discusses how, just days after committing, Arch Manning's impact is already being felt at Texas. The Longhorns had a hectic weekend full of good news, and Aaron explains why it's directly related to their five-star signal-caller.

Is it "UNC, Gonzaga and everyone else in college hoops? (36:30): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by answering a question many are asking: Are North Carolina and Gonzaga way ahead of everyone else in college hoops? Virtually every "Too Early" poll has those two at No. 1 and No. 2, but Aaron explains why he thinks college hoops could be as wide open as it's ever been next season.

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