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Torres Pod: Mel Tucker update, UNC battles the NCAA, Colorado's INSANE TV ratings + NFL Week 1

On today's show Aaron opens with an update on Mel Tucker - the Michigan State coach is fighting back, but did we actually learn anything this week? Then he discusses UNC going to war with the NCAA and how Colorado is already outrating the biggest brands in college football. Finally, Torres gives a quick shout out to Jets fans, after the brutal news they received on Monday night.

Mel Tucker fights back (2:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing Mel Tucker fighting back publicly against Michigan State. Did we actually learn anything from his lawyers statement? Will he coach again? Or is this simply a ploy for something completely different?

UNC vs. the NCAA + College football TV ratings boom (21:00): Finally, Aaron hits on a few different stories to wrap the show. He talks about UNC battling the NCAA again, this time over the eligibility of star transfer Tez Walker. Who's right and who's wrong? Plus, how Colorado has turned into a ratings boom for TV networks and finally, Torres shares a moment of silence for Jets fans after the brutal news they received Monday night.

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