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Torres Pod: Mega announcements, Week 1 preview, CFB Playoff expansion, Urban Meyer rumors begin!

On today's show, Aaron shares several mega announcements, before breaking down all the big games in Week 1. He then discusses a new report on an expanded CFB Playoff and some news and interesting Urban Meyer rumors

Mega announcement(s) (2:00) + Week 1 preview (15:00): Aaron opens the show by sharing several mega announcements heading into Week 1 of the college football season. Plus, he previews all the mega Week 1 games, including Notre Dame-Ohio State, Oregon-Georgia, Utah-Florida, Cincinnati-Arkansas and more.

Expanded College Football Playoff on the horizon (37:00)?: Next up, Aaron discusses reports that we could get an expanded College Football Playoff - as soon as Friday! Is it realistic? What are the hold-ups and what could an expanded playoff actually look like?

Urban Meyer coaching rumors begin (49:00): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by discussing the first rumors about Urban Meyer's coaching future. Aaron explains why the latest rumors are proof that Meyer will eventually be back in coaching.

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